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PostSubject: KCPX   Sun May 13, 2007 1:29 pm

This is Utah Radio Guide's aircheck of the month. Someone needs to send R. Sanders some more airchecks! I only wish I had some.

Some things I noticed:
A) For a "hit" radio station, the presentation was certainly a lot more laid back. ... and sort of 'old' sounding.

B) I think a DJ would be crucified for saying something was on the 'black' charts now. Also, in my opinion, this DJ wasn't very good.

C) KCPX was very promotionally active- running more than one contest at once and tied into a lot of companies. One with the Bon (ah, miss that store) and another at something called "Rock Port Reservoir"

D) Public service was actually relevant at the time. They had a youth-oriented public affairs call in show. Talk about knowing your audience, making them feel like they have a voice!

But, I guess it's just cheaper now to package some generic broad reaching public affairs program - Clear Channel's is "Feedback" for example. (thanks, FCC)
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